Wheat Ridge Municipal Code

Wheat Ridge has adopted the Colorado Model Traffic code with the following amendments:

Part 10, concerning driving, overtaking and passing, is hereby amended by the addition of a new Section 1014, to read in its entirety as follows:

"1014. Driving within bike lanes.

(1) It shall be unlawful for the driver of any motor vehicle to drive such vehicle within the boundaries of posted bicycle pathways except under the following conditions:

(a) As may be necessary to execute an otherwise lawful turn; or

(b) As may be necessary in an emergency or in compliance with directions of a police officer.

(2) A driver of any motor vehicle who shall drive his vehicle into a bicycle pathway in accordance with one (1) of the exceptions provided above in subsection (1) shall operate his motor vehicle with such degree of skill and care as is necessary to avoid colliding with any person or object within the bicycle pathway."

Sec. 17-52. - Vehicles.

(d) All bicycle riders shall obey traffic signs and laws regulating the operation, stopping or parking of vehicles. Bicycle riding will be governed further by safe riding practices and consideration for the use of park and recreation areas and trails by others. Bicycle riding is prohibited on playgrounds, tennis courts and game courts, in pavilions, in the conservation area or in any area where other activities are in progress. (See section 17-50 (Ord. No. 1329, § 1, 7-26-04)