Chapter 5 of the Tucson Muni Code governs bicycles.

Sec. 5-1. Parking of bicycles.

It shall be unlawful to park a bicycle upon any public sidewalk or street in a manner that substantially impedes pedestrian or vehicular traffic or obstructs access to public or private facilities.

Sec. 5-2. Riding on sidewalks and pedestrian paths, and through underpasses.

   (a)   It shall be unlawful to ride a bicycle on any public sidewalks, or upon a designated pedestrian path in any public park, unless signs are posted specifically permitting bicycling.

   (b)   It shall be unlawful to ride a bicycle through any underpass when signs are posted prohibiting bicycling.

Sec. 5-2.1. Postal employees and law enforcement officers exempt from certain riding and parking provisions.

The provisions of sections 5-1 and 5-2 shall not apply to U.S. Postal Service employees engaging in the collection or delivery of mail or to law enforcement officers while engaged in the performance of law enforcement duties. For purposes of this section, law enforcement officer shall include local traffic enforcement agents.

Sec. 5-3. Enforcement.

Any violation of a provision of this chapter shall be a civil infraction, unless otherwise specified, subject to the provisions of chapter 8 of this Code.

Violations of this chapter shall be deemed civil infractions subject to a sanction of twenty-five dollars ($25.00).