In September of 2019, I was on my way to work. I’m a firm believer in being a steward for our environment, so I try and commute by bike. That morning the thing we all dread as cyclists happened, I was hit by a distracted driver.

I hit the front of the car and skidded across the ground. Although my attorney instincts kicked in (take photos of evidence, don’t clean wounds, call 911), I went into a state of shock. It’s scary. It’s unexpected. It’s traumatic. I was so shook up that I didn’t even give the officer my correct information (birth year, address, etc). I curled into a ball and was scared. Everything hurt. Luckily, my co-workers were close and came to help. They covered me in blankets until the police arrived.

I was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with various ailments mostly related to my left hand and wrist. In the weeks that followed, the hospital tried to put me back together, my LBS helped me get a new bike, and I made the decision to hire an attorney - the cyclist lawyer, Megan Hottman.

As time passed, I suffered set back after set back. Things got dark. I was in pain, even if I did not show it. On numerous occasions I thought about never riding a bike again. I was scared, worried about my health, and mentally concerned about whether I’d be brave enough to ride again on the roads where I know distracted drivers exist. Finally in March of 2020, I was forced to address my injuries through orthopedic surgery on my hand and wrist.

Throughout this entire ordeal, I always felt like the Hottman legal team had my back. They kept me informed, checked on me, and did all the legal work so that I didn’t have to.

As you can probably guess, I am back to 100% and excited to ride again. The Hottman legal team took care of the legal end and as of this last week, they settled all of my claims with the insurance companies! I could not be any more happy and satisfied with the representation that I received. This time was so dark, I’m so glad I had someone to pull me out of the situation the driver put me in. I hope none of you ever have to face an ordeal like I went through. If you do, I hope you have an attorney and legal team that is as amazing as the Hottman team.
Thanks again!
— Chris W.
My crash was on Memorial day 2018, the worst day of my life. I am almost at year two and I am still recovering from my injuries. Although my life was forever changed, Megan Hottman and her team have given me a chance to truly concentrate on healing while they went to work diligently on my case. If it was not for them I don’t know where I would be today. From the injuries, surgeries, depression, panic attacks, hopelessness, and constant anxiety, Megan and her team suffered along with me. They were with me every step of the way. Let me tell you that Megan and her team are the allies you want to have, they will fight for you in every way. From the first call I had where we all shared tears to this day where they have become very important people in my life. If it was not for them, I don’t feel I would be where I am today. The amount of work they put in physically, mentally, and emotionally is beyond words. They operate from experience and have such beautiful souls. You are not just a client, you are family. As I tear up writing this, all I can say is that Megan and her team gave me a chance at life when I wanted to give up.
— Delores M., Denver CO
While riding through an intersection I was struck head on by a driver that failed to yield when turning left. My injuries put me in the hospital for a few days and got in the way of work. After declaring my bike totaled, my bike mechanic recommended I speak with Megan. I was already having some difficulties dealing with the insurance companies so I decided to reach out.

I’m glad I did. Working with Megan was smooth from the get go. She explained to me what was going on every step of the way, and handled my case passionately and effectively. I can’t thank Megan enough for all she did for me.
— Sam G., Denver CO
No one wants to have to hire a lawyer, just like no one wants to be struck by a motorist while riding their bike. It happened to me and I am glad and very fortunate that I reached out to Megan and her team after I began receiving pushback from the insurance company. Megan helped guide me toward an equitable resolution that ensured my medical costs as well as my pain and suffering were compensated. Megan and her team removed the burden of dealing with insurance company from my shoulders. They provided clear and ongoing communication and were sure to include me in the decision making process all the way through to the settlement.
— Jay M., Denver, CO
Working with Megan took so much of the stress off of us so that we could focus on what matters most which was my husband’s recovery and our family. She was always quick to answer all of our questions and kept us informed throughout the entire process. We can’t thank you enough!
— Kendra and Blake B., Frederick, CO
After I was hit by a car I attended one of Megan’s free lunch and learn sessions to learn how to handle my case on my own. This was incredibly informative and helpful and I highly recommend attending one to better understand you rights and how the insurance companies work. As my symptoms lingered and the insurance companies denied payments, it was clear that I needed legal support. I was exhausted from fighting with the insurance companies and Megan was the advocate and voice I so desperately needed. Megan and her team are responsive, thorough and professional and achieved an outcome for my case that exceeded my expectations. I hope I never need her again, but she will be the first call I make if I do!
— Erin E., Lakewood, CO.
I can’t say thanks enough for all your help in so many different ways. I would really like other people in similar situations to know how you helped in so many more ways than just ‘being a lawyer working with my case’. It’s obviously a tough situation to be in, but I literally can’t imagine how much harder this all would have been with even just a decent lawyer, much less none at all. Instead you CONSTANTLY went above and beyond both professionally and personally to help me through a very hard time in my life.
— Ryan H., Scottsdale AZ
After I was struck by a drunk, uninsured driver while riding my bike, I was unsure which direction to turn to get compensated for my medical bills. I was approached by at least a dozen personal injury lawyers, but I wanted someone who I could connect to as a rider. I was referred to the Cyclist-Lawyer by a couple of friends who knew her well, and so I reached out to her. After speaking with Megan, she walked me through everything that needed to take place and get done. Megan and Tracy are a pleasure to work with and always answered all my questions immediately! We are now settled, and I would highly recommend the Cyclist-Lawyer to anyone who needs her services. Her advocacy for cyclists’ safety goes above and beyond, too. It’s great to have her in your bike lane! Thank you!
— Joe B., Beatrice NE
Taking on insurance companies was the last thing I wanted to think about after I was hit by a car. A friend recommended The Cyclist Lawyer, and I’m glad I let Megan and Tracy handle everything while I recovered. They were attentive and always ready to answer the many questions I had about the settlement process.
— Ryan C., Louisville, CO
I already knew Megan from working on her bikes in one of the local bike shops in Golden Colorado and about her line of work, only ever jokingly talking to fellow employees about needing her service. We knew her as one of the friendly faces that always had cool bikes to work on and brought us delicious home baked goods.
Then unfortunately for me, I was involved in a car collision while on my bike and immediately thought of Megan once the situation was more tame in the hospital. Megan and Tracy took care of painstaking tasks that I never would have had the time, patience, or temperament to handle to the extent they were capable of. Megan’s guidance and skills were fully recognized on my part and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. I really could not have imagined taking on the insurance companies on my own. I couldn’t be happier from working with Megan on my predicament and I can’t understate the value of having her help!
— Troy W., Golden, CO
After speaking with several attorneys, I was referred to Megan by an attorney friend who said that she was the best at handling cycling incidents, and he was absolutely correct. Her knowledge of the law and the circumstances of my situation outpaced everyone else with whom I spoke. She was an absolute advocate for me throughout the process, and together with her assistant Tracy, they made me feel like the most important client. I can’t recommend working with Megan enough.
— Drew C., Denver, CO
In bike racing, it’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses. So when I had to trade bike racing for endlessly chasing doctors and medical solutions for the years of chronic pain I’d suffered after being doored by a limo driver, I knew I couldn’t handle the insurance companies too. It was a huge relief to know that Megan had my back so I could focus on healing. With the statute of limitations closing in and me still without a solution to my pain, Megan was able to file suit and leave open the possibility of the partial hand amputation I would eventually undergo just shy of the 3 year anniversary of my accident. And when we discovered that the driver was now deceased and the limo company defunct, she was able to track down the driver’s insurance and ultimately get me a settlement that is helping me move forward to a new life.

We all know when we kit up that we’re vulnerable on the roads, no matter how lawfully & safely we ride. We’re just as vulnerable in the world of insurance companies and it’s important to have a teammate that can get you to the finish line!
— Nadia S., Loveland, CO
“Megan Hottman came to me highly recommended after being run down by an errant driver. Throughout a 2 ? year process she provided outstanding guidance and legal counsel. Not only did she make the process bearable she successfully shepherded the complex case to its logical conclusion with positive results. Megan fully lived up to her reputation and I give her my highest recommendation!”
— Michael D., Denver, CO
“After an auto/bike crash, we were left with the daunting task of finding legal representation while dealing with my injuries. Luckily, a colleague referred me to Megan’s firm. Not only is she knowledgable, but she managed our case seamlessly from Colorado. She explained every step of the process thoroughly and really made sure we were armed with all the information we needed to make informed decisions. We are so grateful we had her on our side to help navigate the process of negotiating with insurance companies and ultimately getting the compensation we deserved. We can’t thank her enough! If you are a cyclist in need of legal help, definitely contact Megan!”
— Ryan C.
During a time-trial race was the last place I expected to be involved in a collision with a vehicle. The disappointment of missing an entire race season as well as dealing with both physical and mental recovery was tough. But Megan was a rockstar when it came to handling my case. Her guidance in helping me deal with the various insurance companies as well as her meticulous preparation and support at my hearing made the entire ordeal as smooth as can be expected. She is a wonderful advocate for cyclist rights and a great person to have in the Colorado cycling community.
— Dawn M., Lafayette, Co.
A beautiful July morning in 2016 turned into the worst day of my life when a distracted driver of a semi-truck hit me from behind on Highway 30 near Sidney, Nebraska. I was violently ejected from my bicycle and thrown into the ditch. As I came to a stop, I knew the adrenaline was blocking my pain and I feared the worst possible injuries. I suffered a broken left arm, a labrum tear in my left shoulder, a fractured right ankle, a blood clot in my left calf and plenty of bruising. I was blessed to be alive considering I had been hit by a truck that was going approximately 60 mph!
I received a call from the driver’s insurance company just two days after the crash. The adjuster assured me that all I needed to do was submit my medical bills and expenses and I would be reimbursed after medical treatments concluded. The adjuster was very kind and made it sound like a simple process. But the more I thought about that call, the more it didn’t feel right. That is when I called Megan Hottman to see if she would take on my case and she went to work right away taking the burden off of me so I could focus on healing and trying to get my life back to normal. I had learned about Megan though my years of road racing in Colorado. I wanted to be represented by a lawyer who would understand me as a cyclist and who would also understand the laws and how they applied to cyclists.
Megan made the process very simple. She communicated updates on everything along the way. I was never in the dark as to the status of my case. Living in Western Nebraska was never an issue with communication as Megan always took the time for calls, and emails in a friendly, professional manner.
Megan had to deal with a very difficult insurance company that didn’t seemed phased by our demands and seemed to be pushing us to trial. But Megan’s excellent negotiation skills did the trick and we were able to reach a fair settlement just over a year after my crash. I returned to racing in the spring of 2017 and Megan was encouraging me through my physical therapy and through my training on the bike. I highly recommend Megan to any cyclist who needs an advocate that truly cares about her clients!
Thank you so much for everything Megan!
— Jeff P., Sidney, NE
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Megan was exceptional throughout my entire claim; she explained what to do and how to do it, and I felt that my case was in trustworthy hands. As someone who commutes primarily by bicycle, she treated me with validity and provided my case with the representation that only an attorney who specializes in bicycle cases could know how to do.
— Sloan C.
I really appreciate all of the work you’ve done with my case. To be honest I had no idea what to expect as we headed into the process, but as things started to move forward it was so great to have someone in my corner that prioritized my interests first. Working with you (and your office staff) was very easy despite the distance between here and Colorado. Thanks for being in my corner, and making it easy to navigate the process of negotiating with the insurance company! I hope to never be the same position again, nor do I wish a bike-car crash on anyone else, but I know that if I talk with anyone looking for someone to represent them in a bike case I’ll be highly recommending that they contact you.
— Dan C.
Megan’s expertise and wealth of experience not only helped with a fair conclusion to my case, but she has also encountered all of the various situations that I would not have expected and knew exactly what to do. This was my first time in this situation, but fortunately for me, it was not hers.
— -Brian S., Denver, CO.
After being intentionally struck by a motorist it was nice to know I had Megan in my corner. It has been amazing working with her through this whole ordeal. Megan not only made me feel better about the current situation but she also understands how to use the law to protect cyclists. Megan keeps open and constant communication flowing so you stay up to date on your case. Megan is serious when it comes to protecting fellow cyclists on the road and I would not hesitate to call on her again. Thank you Megan!
— Adam Z., Highlands Ranch, CO
In January of 2016, I was struck by a vehicle while in the crosswalk. My wife contacted Megan that evening when we were in the ER. Megan took care of everything from there on out. She was able to connect us with medical providers who would work with us until the settlement went through, so I could get the care I needed without hassle, nor did I have to worry about practitioners calling and hassling me about payment. I never saw a bill until she submitted everything to us for approval, and never had to deal with the insurance companies. When I was hit, I thought it was going to be an added hassle in addition to my healing process. But Megan was fantastic at communication and negotiation and got me a fair settlement for the incident. I could not be more pleased with how this case went, and I’m very glad we had Hottman Law on our side.
— Ron K., Littleton, CO

Communication with Megan always left me feeling informed and confident in her expertise to handle my case. It was a comfort to know an expert is working in my best interest and allowed me to focus on healing. Megan kept me updated through the entire process and answered any questions I had promptly. Thank you Megan.
— Laura B.

In June 2015 I was hit by an intoxicated motorist. The driver fled the scene and, thanks to the efforts of a passer-by, was later apprehended by the Colorado State Patrol. I ended up spending a day in the hospital with a concussion, a broken rib, a broken shoulder blade and the usual attendant lacerations and road rash.

My wife and I didn’t really know where to begin. Fortunately, I contacted Megan on the advice of a friend. It was the best decision I could have made. From our first conversation, the degree to which Megan values the safety and rights of cyclists is obvious. The amount of time she spends fighting for cyclists through all available avenues is impressive. Whether it’s educating people, advocacy, or in the courtroom, Megan is always working for cyclists. In addition to being passionate about cycling, she’s easy to talk to and is always up-beat and positive. I recall when my friend gave me Megan’s business card. He described her as “a bulldog.” That’s certainly true, in the best way possible. She’s a tenacious fighter for cyclists and will not see her clients get short-changed.

The entire process took over a year with actions both in the civil courts with our claim against the driver’s insurance company and in the criminal system as we dealt with the prosecution of the driver that hit me. Megan was always available to answer questions with regard to our civil action. She also went beyond expectations by attending hearings and meetings with me as the criminal case made its way through the court system, to provide additional advice and support. She also helped me think through and prepare my statement to the court at the driver’s sentencing hearing. It was an excellent opportunity to further the cycling community’s agenda of seeing that people that victimize cyclists are dealt with seriously by the courts and we wanted to make sure we got it right.

When everything was finished, we could not have been happier with the results. We ended up with a resolution with the insurance company that was beyond anything we could have expected. The intoxicated driver was sentenced to a six-year prison term, the maximum allowable under the District Attorney’s plea agreement.

There really is no “good” way to be hit by a car, but I can’t imagine the situation going any better or more smoothly than it did with Megan’s help. I can’t recommend Hottman Law Office strongly enough. If you’re a cyclist in need of representation, you have to call them.
— Brandon R., Littleton CO

While out on a ride in rural El Paso county I was struck from behind by a car. The driver was cited and convicted of careless driving. While recovering from my injuries I attempted to contact the driver’s insurance. They failed to respond after several attempts. While researching car-bike accidents I ran across an article in Outside magazine with a reference to Megan Hottman.

I contacted Megan and am very glad that I did so. She made the whole process of dealing with the insurance companies painless so that I could concentrate on healing. She was always responsive, caring, made me feel like I was her number one client. I am not near her location so everything was handled remotely and she made this process easy.

I can’t possibly thank Megan enough for the work that she has done on my behalf. The outcome for my bike/gear and for my injuries were more than I ever expected.
— Mark F., Colorado Springs, CO

I was the victim of a bike vs. car accident back in September, and am so appreciative of Megan for handling the outcome for me.The accident left me injured, out of work, and with a stack of medical bills. My Initial thought was not to get a lawyer, I figured the responsible parties would be reasonable and we could work it out in a sensible way. Very quickly I was brought to the reality of dealing with insurance companies. Suddenly the vehicle hitting me was my fault, they wanted me to make legal statements and questioned me as if I was the guilty party, when I was merely the victim . It was at this moment I realized I needed help dealing with the accident. If I had not contacted Megan I would have paid thousands of dollars in medical bills I was not responsible for. unfortunately, my experience taught me that this is not unusual in the insurance claim world, which was so foreign to me.

Megan was recommended by a friend and avid cyclist, she is a true activist of the cause and incredibly committed to representing cyclists who deserve a fair chance in the car communing world. Megan was genuine, professional and amazing through out this unwanted experience. She allowed me to focus on getting better and back to work rather than dealing with bills and hour long conversations with the insurance company. Megan helped me settle the claim and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Looking back on the situation I can’t believe I was hesitant to contact her, as I couldn’t imagine the stress I would be going through without her. thank you!!
— Kathryn G., Denver CO

My wife and I are avid cyclists. We were on our way to San Diego for a cycling event. I was hit by a car while out for a short bike ride prior to starting the final leg of our journey. The driver of the car was distracted by some activity, other than driving, when he made a left turn directly into my path of travel down the bike lane. I recall seeing the car top the hill a hundred yards or so ahead of me and to my left. I do not recall seeing him start his turn or much of anything else until I found myself sitting in the middle of the road bleeding and confused.

I ended up with a nasty shoulder separation and required surgery to both hands to repair ligaments and broken bones in my thumbs. My bike ended up some 10 yards down the street from me and was heavily damaged.

I initially considered myself lucky and figured my case was too small to involve a lawyer. The driver’s insurance company initially showed signs of being “reasonable” to work with. I quickly encountered several of the games insurance companies employ to frustrate, delay and ultimately attempt to pay very little of an accident victim’s losses. I realized I needed help. I didn’t want to become a victim of the insurance companies’ “process.” I needed to focus on healing and getting back to my work and life.

A friend mentioned he had seen a “bicycle lawyer” named Megan Hottman speak at a cycling event in Denver. I called Megan. Megan impressed me from our first meeting. Her depth of experience, knowledge and passion for getting a fair settlement for her clients was clear. I felt a great weight lifted when Megan took my case. Megan kept me informed on progress every step of the way. There was never any doubt I had found the right person to guide me through this mess.

I can’t thank Megan enough for the considerable time she saved me. Your precious time is ultimately what insurance companies try to manipulate in order to get you to settle for little or nothing. Megan was able to secure a fair settlement which allowed me to quickly replace my lost property, take care of my medical needs and move on with my life. My wife and I are now back to enjoying our cycling adventures.Thanks again Megan!
— Tom A., Longmont, Co

I first met Megan almost 5 yrs ago when I was hit by a car on my bike. One sunny August morning during my typical ride a car turned left in front of me and I hit it in the right front quarter panel. Once I realized I was hit I had landed (on my feet) on the other side of the car. I broke 6 ribs in 2 spots and punctured a lung. By the grace of God I walked out of the hospital on day 9. As I was lying in the ER I was thinking “I need to call Megan”, and I believe I did try calling her sometime that day or the next. I trusted Megan’s expertise and knew she would work diligently to get a fair settlement.

Megan earned my trust during my first accident, so I had little stress over the legal details, which allowed me to focus on healing. The insurance companies were playing hard ball (as usual) but Megan’s negotiating skills eventually came out on top. She kept me informed during the entire process and was available to answer all my questions.

I’m truly grateful for Megan and her passion to seek justice for all cyclists! Thank you Megan!
— Mona R., Thorton CO

If you are in need of an attorney who can promptly and efficiently handle all of the phone calls, paperwork, and negotiations with insurance companies, physicians, etc. after your personal injury, I highly recommend Megan Hottman. She is the best! Thank you, Megan
— Judy W., Littleton CO

Ms. Hottman represented me in a recent car crash claim where I suffered property damage. She impressed me with her quick attention to detail, her unmatched knowledge of the industry we were navigating, and her unbending dedication to working on the solution I needed. She succeeded in (painlessly to me) achieving more from my settlement than I thought possible, and doing so with professionalism and courtesy and exactly the right amount of assertiveness, always controlling the process. I felt I was her top priority, though I know Ms. Hottman must be an incredibly busy woman as she is very well respected and sought. Ms. Hottman earned my trust and involved me in the necessary aspects of my case without overwhelming me. She stayed on top of my timeline, and anticipated my questions and needs, and I’m extremely confident that I could not have obtained a better outcome from any other attorney.

I was particularly impressed with Ms. Hottman’s desire to obtain what I needed, and be willing to fight for me. If I had to add a negative comment it would be that I am disappointed I didn’t engage her sooner.

Ms. Hottman and I live substantially far apart and this made absolutely zero negative impact in our work together. I would recommend her services without reservation.
— Jen L., LCI Instructor

I learned a lot after with my accident. I didn’t want to be a a jerk, I didn’t realize I was hurt at the scene. I didn’t file the report right away, get the witnesses name or do go immediately to an orthopedist. All these things made my case a tough one to pursue. Megan went after this full force fighting my up hill battle. I can’t thank her enough for how it turned out.

Getting hit by a car is terrifying, knowing what to do against a big insurance agency is just as scary. There are many lawyers out there. Some of those lawyers even ride bikes, but none have a practice built solely on bicycle advocacy. Megan Hottman is as special as they come. THANK YOU for all you do for those of us that have been hit by cars, and all that you do to prevent more victims.
— Brett R, Boulder CO

I was struck by a car while going through a green light and having my forearm snapped in half while out riding. I have only partial memory of what happened after being hit. I do not even remember the ambulance ride to the hospital. After having surgery and heading home, a friend recommended I contact Megan to help deal with the insurance company. I had never contacted a lawyer before in my life and was a bit unsure at first. However, after speaking on the phone with Megan for close to an hour I decided I needed her on my side. Megan always kept me well informed and encouraged me to get the treatment I deserved to help me heal. After a long battle with the insurance company, they finally agreed to pay. I would not have been able to do this without Megan. She took the entire thing by the horns and wouldn’t back down until things were made right. If you are on the fence about hiring a lawyer after being hit by a car, do yourself a favor and contact Megan today! Thank you so much Megan!
— Josh K., Louisville, CO

I contacted Megan after being struck by a vehicle while commuting to work. I downplayed my injuries even after taken to the ER in an ambulance. All I wanted was to get better. Later that night when unable to sleep I decided to contact Ms Hottman. Filing a lawsuit was not on my mind at the time - I had questions regarding many issues which Megan walked me through. She was patient, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I had full confidence in her when the at fault driver’s insurance company became difficult, putting us with no alternative but to file suit. Thank you Megan for all you did for me!
— George T, Boulder, CO

A friend referred me to Megan Hottman after an auto/bike accident. The sheriff officer cited the driver for careless driving, but I knew right away that dealing with the insurance, my own insurance included, was going to be a major undertaking. Megan was very responsive and set my wife and I at ease as she took care of all dealings with the insurance, bike appraisal, sheriff’s office, and the district attorney. She even got me in to see a great orthopedic physician on short notice. All I had to do was work on getting back to health.

We can’t thank Megan enough for helping us get through a difficult situation. No one else was on our side, including my own insurance. I would highly recommend Megan to represent and act on behalf of anyone in similar circumstances.
— Brent, Highlands Ranch, CO

While commuting home from work in the dark, a vehicle turned in front of me. While the driver saw me at the last moment and stopped just short of broad siding me, my emergency maneuvers to evade a direct hit resulted in a crash and injuries. In dealing with this situation, I am glad I had Megan Hottman as my counsel to navigate through the legal system morass and lengthy insurance claim process. I appreciate Megan’s passion for her work as well as for bicycling advocacy and education.
— Ray, Highlands Ranch, CO

I was “Right Hooked” by a motorist while heading straight through a green light. The officer at the scene decided she was going to cite me for the collision at let the driver off scott free. Since I declined a trip to the e.r. there was a gentleman that gave me a ride home in his car and he recommended I contact “The Hottman Law Office”, since his wife had just been in a cycling accident herself. I have never had to work with an attorney and very hesitant to contact Megan. While laying in bed that night with serious injuries that I was going to have to pay for myself to treat, an expensive bike that is now no longer rideable and a ticket stating the accident was my fault, I decided to give her an e-mail describing the situation. She immediately responded and agreed that this whole situation I was in was not right and she wanted to help. I decided to work with Megan to get some justice. Megan educated me on everything that I needed to know, and guided me along the way which made everything very easy. The Citation was “thrown out”, my injuries have been taken care of and after several months of Megan battling the drivers insurance company I was compensated for my injuries and damages to my bike. I cannot express enough how grateful I am that I was referred to Megan from a stranger who gave me a ride home on the day of the accident. I am so please with Megan’s dedication to helping cyclists and would not hesitate for a second to recommend her to anybody else that is under similar circumstances. Thank You again Megan, Thank You.
— Devin M., Denver, CO

Thanks again (and again) for all your work. I was hesitant to get an attorney involved since I’ve never been in such a situation before, but this was a great experience. I’ve learned that this was exactly what needed to be done and it was wonderful to work with you. We know a lot of cyclists, and I’ll be sure to send them your way if something bad happens to them.
— Margaret V., Boulder, CO

As I sit here silently by myself, I’m just beginning to start to process all of this. As I reflect back to the day of the incident and every day since it’s a little overwhelming and brings me to tears. You were the only attorney to take my case. And 14 months after the accident. I’m not sure why you did, but regardless I’ll never be able to explain to you how much that means to me.

My testimonial is as follows: “Megan has compassion, caring, and conviction in her heart. And I’ll never be able to thank her enough for all that she has done for me. She’s amazing!
— Troy W., Ft Collins, CO

My case just wrapped up from the bike vs car accident I was involved in, in the beginning of April, and it turned out far better than I ever expected. I just wanted to give a plug for my lawyer, Megan Hottman. She is extremely involved in the Colorado cycling community and sponsors The Cyclist Lawyer cycling team. If anyone ever gets into a situation where they need to hire a lawyer for something cycling-related, I absolutely cannot recommend her strongly enough. She was extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful.
— Sam D., Denver, CO

In June of 2013, I was struck by a car while cycling. After months of recovering from a fractured tibia and shoulder surgery, I had given up any hope of reimbursement for my damages from the driver’s insurance company after they denied my claim. On the very last day of many months of physical therapy, I noticed one of Megan’s “TheCyclist?lawyer.com” stickers on a vehicle which was parked next to mine. I jotted down her website and looked it up when I got home. I phoned Megan’s office to explain the details of my accident, not expecting her to give me any hope. Instead, Megan was enthusiastic about meeting with me and my husband right away to discuss my accident. I immediately was impressed with Megan’s knowledge of Colorado personal injury law/biking law and her kind spirit. She reassured my husband and me that the driver of the vehicle bore the liability for the accident according to Colorado law and she immediately sent letters to the driver’s insurance company setting them straight! We were thrilled to eventually receive compensation for my injuries and damages and we consider Megan a Godsend to us. We wholeheartedly will recommend Megan to any of our cyclist friends who might need her services and, in fact, we already have referred to her an acquaintance who was injured in an automobile accident. Megan is a caring, competent, attorney and we forever will be grateful to have met her and for her professional representation during an extremely difficult time in our lives.
— Judy W., Littleton, CO

Hiring Megan after I was nearly killed in a bike/auto accident last summer was the smartest decision I could have made. From our very first phone call to discuss the case through final settlement, I could not have asked for better representation. At our first face to face meeting, Megan promised my wife and I that she would treat us just as she would like to be treated as a client. We immediately felt as if we were under Megan’s protection and knew with her on our side, everything would turn out all right. Megan has taken care of us as if we were family, making us feel safe, informed, and looked after throughout the entire process.

Megan is the rare talent who completely connects and empathizes with her clients while keeping the professional barrier intact. Megan was 110% professional and at the same time gave us a level of service we would have expected from a close friend or family member. She fought hard to get us a maximum payout while also helping us adjust to life after the accident, always encouraging us to focus on the good and to remain strong.

We can’t thank Megan enough for the help and support she has given us since the accident and subsequent recovery. Megan was the tough, smart, professional attorney we needed to stand up to the insurance companies and their lawyers, going above and beyond to fight for compensation and truly making us feel like we were her #1 priority at all times. Megan is single-handedly redefining what to expect from a personal injury lawyer, or any lawyer for that matter. On top of her kick ass legal skills, Megan sincerely cares about her clients and is there to support you through the emotional/physical hurdles of recovery, long after the case has closed.
— Seth and wife Maggie, Denver. CO

I could go on and on how BLESSED we are to have found you. I thank God every day. It just overwhelms me when I think about things, about how it might have been/or could have been, had we not found you. You truly are an amazing loving, caring person, more than just a job for you. Jim has gone through SO much and will for a long time because of all of this, and you have made things more bearable for us. I can’t tell you what a blessing you have been to us, We are so thankful for you.......plus you are about one of the sweetest lawyers I have ever heard of......Never dealt with one before, but you have to be the BEST!
— Jim (injured cyclist) and Joyce S. (spouse), Littleton, CO

When I got injured in an auto/bike accident I had no idea which way to proceed or what was available insurance wise for me. Megan took my case and took care of it, tremendously reducing the stress on me and my wife. Not only did she handle the insurance companies but also defended me to victory on the ticket I wrongly received.
— Todd K., Arvada, CO

Bradley speaks very highly of you and I now I know why. You have been very professional and pleasant to work with as I expected. Hopefully I don’t know anyone that needs your services, as it usually means they have been injured, but if they do I will gladly recommend you. I look forward to seeing you out on the bike, and you and your husband announcing at the Littleton Crit again! I love that race, but then again I love all races!
— Byron N., Highlands Ranch, CO

Thank you for your hard work on my incident. I never imagined how complicated it would become. You handled all the details for me so I could focus on recovering and continuing to work. I would not have had enough time to deal with the insurance claims and property damage and you made quick work of both. You definitely relieved me of alot of stress throughout the process. I am very grateful for the recommendations you made for physical therapy, they made the recovery process much quicker.

I am very glad that you are looking out for the interests of cyclist and protecting our rights. I will recommend your services to other cyclist in need. Hopefully drivers will be more aware of cyclists in the future but if not I know you will be there to help us.

Thanks, happy cycling!
— Robert S., Denver, CO

Megan isn’t just a Great attorney she’s an amazing person. I had an injury suit that needed attention and she not only took care of that issue but more importantly made sure that I was taking care of myself. Many of us that race bicycles probably have similar personalities in that we believe we can work through most issues and we rarely ask for help. Well Megan made sure that I got the physical treatment that I needed (that I would have avoided out of the “ I’m OK” type of attitude). Thank you Megan for truly taking care of me, you are awesome!
— Todd S., Denver CO

Last year I was manning a tent with a friend at the Venus de Miles in Prospect and we saw these gals ride in with TCL jerseys so my friend promptly said “you gotta get that info and see if this lawyer can help with your accident” (I was side swiped while in bike lane)….

Megan’s determination from the moment my partner and walked into her office until the last day we stood and shook hands was superb. After going back and forth with the driver’s insurer and not getting a reasonable response, contacting Megan was the thing to do; no more exhaustive effort from me was needed, Megan had things under control within 2 days.

Having never had to hire a lawyer before, Megan made it easy. I’m a small business owner with little or no extra time and I didn’t have to worry about who “had my back.” She is very detailed but comes across effortless without making you feel simple with a lot of “big words.” Being a rider really helps with understanding the anxiety that other riders go through and this truly helped me get back on my bike. She said, “Cheryl, see if you can ride the same route on your first time out when you’re healed...” which I thought, “is she insane!!!” She’s not crazy, I did the same ride, gritting my teeth the whole way but it helped me jump off. As of late September 2013, Megan and I are teammates only and I can’t thank her enough.
— Cheryl G., Boulder, CO

I must say that I am not thrilled by the content of many of the letters on this page - that being bicycle vs. car incidents! But I am thrilled that, being one of the many who have had run-ins with cars while on their bikes, I too found an attorney who was attuned to the needs of cyclists who have to navigate the world of insurance companies, medical providers, and the legal ins and outs of doing so.

I was hit on my bicycle last July while commuting to my job at a bike shop! The driver basically admitted that he had taken the right of way at a three-way stop and did so because he didn’t see me in the intersection. The state patrol officer who investigated the accident wrote his report in such a way that the offending driver seemed completely innocent and I, the cyclist, was portrayed as the guilty party. Because of this, the driver’s insurance company flat out denied my claim for the hospitalization, surgery, post surgery treatment, and bike replacement, etc. It was at this point that I decided that the only recourse was to hire an attorney with the hopes that I could at least recover my expenses.

Megan was recommended to me by a fellow bike shopper who raced on Megan’s team. From the minute Megan was brought on board and began presenting the real facts, the insurance company started negotiations with us, and I had a new bike within weeks. A year later we have finished negotiations for all the expenses I incurred as a result of the accident, and I must say, her tenacity and hard work have paid off! We resolved my claims with the insurance company, above and beyond my expectations, and I believe that this is due to Megan’s ability to navigate the labyrinth that is our legal system and to her passion for defending the rights of wronged cyclists! Unfortunately, in the last few months there have been way too many incidences of cyclists being hit by distracted drivers, and I would most certainly recommend to any of these cyclists that they contact Megan Hottman for professional, informed and compassionate legal representation.
— Karen R., Boulder, CO

Mid November of 2012, I was hit broadside by a vehicle while on the pedestrian/cyclist cross walk at Santa Fe and C-470. I was sent flying about 15 feet and landed on my head and left shoulder. I was unconscious about 20 minutes. I was taken by ambulance to the ER. There, I was diagnosed with non-displaced fractures of left scapula and right thumb. Then the ER doctor informed me that I had suffered a serious concussion and I was not to ride or ski for six months. Wow, how was I going to survive without riding for that long? What was I going to do about my bike?

While in the ER, a Sheriff came in to check on my condition and informed me that driver had been ticketed for failing to yield, no registration, no insurance and a revoked driver’s license with two DUI’s. Wow.

A couple of weeks later, I took my damaged bike to my favorite bike shop. There, I learned of Megan and was nudged to call her. As soon as I got home, I called her. She personally answered, which already impressed me. It only took a few minutes for me to realize that I was talking with a very special person. Her demeanor, her very caring, sharp and quick grasp of my situation gave me instant confidence. I knew that I was in great hands. My very quick assessment of Megan turned out to be spot on. Megan turned out to be everything I could ever hope for in an attorney and even more. I felt supported by an amazingly competent lawyer and a true friend who was advocating on my behalf and cared for my physical and emotional well being as well. My case was brought to an exceedingly successful conclusion in August of 2013. The outcome far exceeded my expectations.

I highly and unconditionally recommend Megan. She’s the “best” and a lovely human being. I feel that despite lingering concussion problems, this whole incident turned into a God’s’ blessing in my life and this blessing is Megan!
— Peter W, Littleton, CO

I have been involved in the bicycling community in Colorado heavily since 2002, but only more recently involved in competitive cycling because my daughter (17) is racing in three disciplines: road, mountain and cyclo-cross. Megan’s name has been prevalent in the cycling community - and the one time this season I saw Megan at a race it was a time trial in Fort Collins -which she won. I also know anecdotally that Megan has done a fine job with representing cyclists, which is her forte in tort law.
— Roger K. Adams, Adams Law, LLC

This was our first major bike v. car case. During my search for an expert I came across Megan Hottman. In addition to being an attorney, Megan is also a competitive cyclist and provided insights to my case. I would STRONGLY recommend using Megan as an expert about biking, cycling law, obligations and duties of riders and drivers, appropriate riding location for bikes, etc. She also teaches various seminars on cycling law to various groups, and would be an incredible expert in other cases for plaintiffs where liability and biker/driver duties are at issue.
— Mark A. Gould, The Law Office of Mark A. Gould, P.C.

Last year I was rear-ended while sitting at a stoplight. Severe disc injury and great pain in my neck and arms
threatened to end my profession as an acupuncturist and bodyworker. Without health insurance, I was struggling to find quality care, or any practitioners willing to help me.

Within 48 hours of speaking to Megan for the first time, I had a doctors visit scheduled, an MRI, and a team of people willing to treat me. Throughout the whole process I felt totally supported and confident that Megan had my best interests at heart.

Megan’s professionalism, courtesy, compassion, and unceasing drive make her the clear choice for anyone struggling in the wake of an accident or injury. Quite simply, she is the best!
— Todd Plymale-Mallory LAc DNBAO, Orthopedic Bodywork, Acupuncture, & Chinese Herbology, Boulder, CO

Megan Hottman is a wonder to work with; extremely knowledgeable and compassionate about every detail of my case. With her guidance I was back to my normal life faster than expected and had an excellent outcome to my case.
— Matt C. (mechanical engineer and avid cyclist), Boulder, CO

Again let me thank you for all your help! I’ve never had to look for a lawyer before and thank God I found the best one! You are a hardworking, compassionate human being and now a personal friend. With everything that I was going through it was a great relief to know you were handling everything else. You made the process pain free and the results...beyond my expectations! Without hesitation I would recommend you to anyone looking for a Lawyer
— Maribel V., Castle Rock, CO

I was completing a 77-mile training ride for an upcoming century and was hit by a car exiting a strip mall driveway. I bounced off the hood of the car and ended up out of breath, on my back, with my head facing on-coming traffic. In severe pain, I crawled to safety. An ER trip and lots of tests later, I went home with broken ribs and a much greater fear of cycling with cars near-by. The driver was ticketed with failure to yield to the right of way.

Navigating the insurance claims is overwhelming, and not my idea of fun. I just wanted to focus on getting well and back on my bike. The driver and her insurance company claimed I “t-boned” her car, which was standing still. REALLY?!! That’s when I called the Hottman Law Office.

Megan took over my worries of dealing with the insurance companies and the games that they play. Just walking in her office space, I could tell she would be the cyclist advocate I needed, and do the very best during my case. She is very compassionate and extremely knowledgeable in her field. Through the lawsuit process, Megan communicated what to expect and was always available by phone, email, or text.

Through Megan’s hard work, a wrong was made a right and I was awarded a claim that allowed me to pay off the numerous medical bills, time missed from work and damaged bike gear. I would highly recommend her invaluable services as a strong cyclist advocate. Not only does she stand up for her clients, but she in very involved in community service and charity events that benefit our fellow cyclists. Megan, thanks again for all that you do.
— Beth C. (long distance cyclist), Morrison, CO

5 Stars!

I was riding my bike in the bike lane when I was right hooked by a teenage driver. I ended up in the ER with a broken shoulder, bruised ribs and a severed road rash. My bike and clothing were trashed. The driver was ticketed and I was dazed, hurt and lost. All I wanted to think about was getting better and healing. On top of that, the driver’s insurance company claimed I just had “tipped over” and their driver was not at fault.

If you are the victim in an accident, you don’t need a lawyer if you are well-acquainted with the legal processes and have the time to file claims and deal with insurance companies, get itemized bills from your medical providers, answer subrogation letters, get estimates on repairing or replacing your bike, your kit and your accessories, get accident and witness reports from law enforcement agencies, fill out Victim Restitution Forms, send Requests for Discovery, negotiate with insurance companies, DA’s and the driver’s lawyers, as well as represent and speak for yourself in court.

If the thought of this totally overwhelmed you, then contact Megan! She took me immediately as a client and gently walked me through the steps of what to expect. She allowed me to concentrate on healing and getting back on my bike, while she did all the leg work. She was not only compassionate, but highly competent, knowledgeable, and thorough. She was always accessible by personal meeting, phone and/or emails. She answered all of my questions and led me through a process that I had no idea even existed. I also found her to be aggressive when she needed to be, but also very fair in what she was asking for on my behalf. In the end, she got me justice and a fair settlement. I saved thousands of dollars by retaining Megan as my attorney!

Hottman Law Office is also a leader in the Colorado bicycle community training beginning racers, as well as sponsoring our state-wide racing organization, bicycle safety advocacy, and charity events.
— Rich S. (competitive cyclocross racer and cyclist), Highlands Ranch, CO

Laying on the hot pavement after being hit by a car, i felt lost. I knew i had been wronged and broken, but had no idea how to proceed. The Cyclist Lawyer provided me with direction and guidance. I’m back on the bike and confident. Every pedal stroke I am closer to whole and I thank Megan for that!
— Matt H. (cyclist-commuter and bike shop employee), Denver, CO

On October 18th while bike commuting to work, a car pulled out in from of me from an intersection in which I had the right of way. I hit the car in the quarter panel, flew over the trunk and landed on the pavement. The (in-house) lawyer at my workplace highly recommended Megan as she is known for her professionalism and her focus on bicycle injury cases.

In my ensuing conversations with Megan she explained every aspect of my case and provided me with options on how to proceed. Megan told me what was to be expected and was very honest about the possible outcomes of my case. Megan did a great job of negotiating with the insurance adjuster concerning my medical bills and bicycle repair costs. She also personally recommended care providers including a physical therapist and chiropractor to assess my physical condition. In the end I was very happy to have Megan as my attorney.
— Chris M. (cyclist-commuter), Longmont, CO

On September 5th 2012 I was hit by a car 9 days before the US Triathlon Elite National Championships. The damage to myself and my bike forced me to miss the race and spend the remaining months of 2012 in surgery and rehab. As a professional athlete, the inability to race and train resulted in loss of income and fitness which created additional stress in addition to having to sort out medical payments, insurance claims and legal matters. At first I was reluctant to hire an attorney as I only thought I’d need one if I was going to sue the person that hit me. However, after speaking with several athletes who’d also been through something similar I realized an attorney could help even if I didn’t plan on taking anyone to court.

I went to Megan based on several strong recommendations and after the initial consult I felt it was the right decision. Over the past 4 months Megan worked quickly and with a passion to settle my claim so I could focus solely on returning to training as I had before the accident. The burden of managing the claim process alone would have been too great a stress and inhibited my recovery. I not only owe Megan full credit for delivering a fair and suitable claim but I also owe her a partial credit for my return to the elite level of triathlon. I hope my friends will never get into an accident but if they do I won’t let them go through it without the help of Megan Hottman.
— Dan McIntosh (Professional Triathlete), Westminster, CO

Wow!’ is all I can say about Megan! Her work ethic and passion for cycling have made her indispensable as an attorney and a voice for cyclists!

I was hit by a car while riding my bike and one of my health care providers recommended that I find an attorney. Megan came highly recommended by another cyclist. After speaking to Megan, I was less apprehensive regarding the entire process and the care I should seek; therefore I retained her services immediately.

While I healed physically (and emotionally) I had confidence in Megan’s expertise to handle all the other details of a case like this. As an athlete, not being able to exercise at the same intensity as I was prior to the accident or knowing the impact this accident would have on my future athletic events devastated me! As a professional cyclist, Megan understood my concern personally and did everything within her power to ensure the outcome of my case was fair. I am forever grateful that I hired Megan - “The Cyclist-Lawyer” and I am honored to now ride for the same team!
— Mona R. (cyclist, triathlete and fitness competitor), Thornton, CO

Megan showed herself to be a talented attorney, but what I found to be equally important is that she’s a great person and a class act. When I was hit by a car and ended up in the

ER with injuries and my favorite race bike damaged I was in physical pain, shock and

stressed over how I was going to deal with the bills. Knowing that Megan was handling my case allowed me to focus on my recovery. I’m so thankful for the ‘The Cyclist Lawyer.
— Stuart B. (competitive cyclist inured by negligent motorist), Denver, CO

After being severely injured in an auto/bike accident, a fellow co-worker and cyclist highly recommended I contact Megan to help me navigate through the complexities my accident would hold in the near future. My co-worker expressed with great enthusiasm how Megan took it upon herself to help a fellow cyclist, who crashed in a cyclo-cross race by providing the cyclist with the information they needed.

After hearing of her commitment to protecting cyclists, I contacted Megan. I e-mailed her about my situation. She, personally, called me the next day, and met me while I was still in a neck-brace. I was uneasy at first, not having dealt with lawyers before, but through talking with Megan I found she was personable and knowledgeable about what needed to be done. I retained her council the day we met. She took my case personally and dealt with the insurance companies as I recovered physically. Megan helped me recover what I lost due to the accident and urged me get back on the bike as soon as possible. She not only understood how to help me legally, but also how important cycling is to my life.

Throughout my case, Megan was easily accessible at any time through phone calls, e-mails, and meetings in person. It was easy to talk with Megan; she walked me through every step of the legal process explaining and re-explaining when necessary. Megan had a personal commitment to my case, recovery, and overall well-being through out.

Megan exceeded all of my expectations of an attorney. She even helped me locate a doctor to fix my collar-bone in an un-related incident. Her understanding of cyclists, being one herself, helped me greatly in my recovery and getting back on the bike. I would recommend Megan to any cyclist in need of help after an accident. Outstanding!...is the only word that comes to mind when I am asked of the interaction and outcome of my case with Megan Hottman’s services.
— Rich G. (cyclist-commuter), Denver, CO

I found Megan to be caring, professional, knowledgeable, and thorough while working with her after being hit by a car while riding my bicycle. She provided me with the information I needed to understand the process moving forward and to make decisions regarding my options. She also provided the time I needed to consider my next steps, which I greatly appreciated. I always felt that Megan had my interests at heart and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.
— Judy H. (recreational cyclist), Lakewood, CO
And her husband wrote:

Megan, as the spouse of one of your clients, I wanted to throw in my 2 cents worth. You brought an outstanding level of competence, confidence, passion, and compassion to the table. Those qualities were perhaps more important than the financial settlement as we dealt with physical injuries and emotional injuries and the confusion of sorting out legal, insurance, and medical issues. And the financial settlement was beyond our expectations! On behalf of both of us, I want to express our sincere gratitude.
— Gary H. (husband, cyclist, and witness to his wife's cycling accident), Lakewood, CO

When I sustained an injury (due to another party’s negligence), that had potentially devastating effects on both my athletic and professional careers, I knew I needed help. I called Megan the day after the incident and she was immediately engaged, working with me to weigh my options and choose the right direction to take. She never pushed her services on me, but helped to educate me about my rights and offered to help. I am so happy I hired her! She was quick, thorough and extremely efficient at handling my case and got results immediately. There was no hassle on my end…I gave her the necessary information and she took the case and ran. Thanks to her I feel like I got a swift and fair resolution to my case. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Megan again or recommend her to others. She is a true professional.
— Tricia Downing (Redefining Able, Inc.), Denver, CO

If you ever find yourself in the very unfortunate position of being hit by an automobile while riding your bike, I highly recommend Megan Hottman and Hottman Law. This past September, I was hit from behind by a car while riding my road bike. I had a lot of trepidation about hiring a lawyer and definitely didn’t want a sharky ‘personal injury’ lawyer representing me, but I was in the very real predicament of a woman who had hit me from behind (cleanly from behind, I had absolutely no warning of the impending doom) and was actually trying to claim that I hit her (rather impossible, but nonetheless that’s what she was claiming). Given her stance, I thought it a good idea to seek counsel, and I was fortunate enough to come across Megan Hottman. She belayed my fears about hiring a lawyer and took what would otherwise be a high stress situation, trying to pry money from the cold hands of the insurance company, and made it painless, easy, and stress free. It was absolutely the right decision, and Megan Hottman was at all times professional, communicative, and willing to go the extra distance to insure a fair and timely outcome. Fortunately in my case the cops saw the evidence in my favor and the insurance company granted our demands, but without Megan, it wouldn’t have been that easy. I would highly recommend Megan and Hottman Law if you find yourself in the same or similar position.
— S. Domahidy (lead development, Factor Bikes; Co-Founder of Niner Bikes)

Megan was wonderfully efficient and a clear communicator. She kept me abreast of changes along the way and took a genuine interest in my case. I haven’t had to deal with lawyers in the past, but I can’t imagine the process being better with anyone else.
— Rad A. (cyclist), Denver, CO

Megan is very genuine and gave me confidence that my case would be handled effectively and without unnecessary delay. I believe the attention she gave my case enabled me to obtain an outcome that exceeded my expectations.
— Anthony G. (cyclist), Denver, CO

Megan went above and beyond what I asked for. She gave excellent counsel and always kept me in the loop. Megan did an excellent job in focusing on the vulnerability of a cyclist. I highly recommend her!
— Amanda M. (professional cyclist/Olympic long team member), Ft Collins, CO

My bike accident was a daunting, frightening experience. Aside from my physical injuries, I was terrified of legal and/or financial repercussions. Megan Hottman helped me through it with calm reassurance. She was always honest and forthright, and I always felt she was on my side. Megan always had my best interest at heart, and I am extremely grateful for her services.
— Whitney D. (commuter/cyclist), Denver, CO

Megan Hottman is a rock star. Aggressive, yet professional, friendly, yet firm, she is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to anyone in need of help. Through her hard work and determination, she got my liability reduced by 62%. Thanks, Megan.
— Shaine S. (cyclist-commuter), Boulder, CO

Thank you so much for helping me through this. It meant the world to me to be able to come to someone that I knew I could trust.
— Helena H. (probate of husband's estate), Denver, CO

I am very impressed with how thorough and quick Megan was with my claim. She took the time to listen and had the background knowledge to understand all the angles. I have and will continue to recommend Megan to all my friends.
— Tim S. (elite road cyclist injured by negligent motorist), Boulder, CO

When I had my [cycling] accident, I had a lot of questions. Megan helped me understand what my options were and what steps I had to take. In the end I was able to recover all of my losses. Megan’s professionalism and expertise would be an invaluable asset to anyone’s case. Thank you Megan!
— Steven H. (elite cyclist inured by negligent motorist), Boulder, CO

After I was hit by a careless driver while training, Megan was extremely helpful in my dealing with the driver’s insurance company. She sent very detailed information on the various scenarios and gave me first class advice. I am glad that we have a resource like her in the cycling community.
— Michael & Gwen (breach of contract dispute), Lakewood, CO

You’re awesome, Megan! You are worth your weight in gold. Thanks again, I really appreciate all you’ve done.
— Stephen L. Ph.D. (cyclist injured by negligent motorist), Lakewood, CO

I race against Megan and knew she was a lawyer, so when I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle, I reached out to her for help. I could tell from the start that she sincerely cared about me; she worked very hard to make it a stress free experience so I could focus on healing. At the same time, she answered all of my questions and kept me informed of what was going on. I could not be happier with how everything turned out.
— Carol L. (elite road cyclist injured by negligent motorist), Ft. Collins, CO