Arvada Municipal Code

Arvada has adopted the Model Traffic Code- with some amendments:

Sec. 54-37. - MTC Part 10 "Driving - Overtaking - Passing" amended.

The Model Traffic Code is hereby amended by adding subsection (3) to section 1007 of Part 10 to read as follows:

1007. Driving on roadways laned for traffic.

(3) No person shall ride or operate a motorcycle or motor-driven vehicle within a bicycle lane or path designated for the use of bicycles except for maintenance, construction or emergency vehicles, temporarily disabled vehicles, electrical assisted bicycles as defined in C.R.S. § 42-1-102(28.5), vehicles executing a legal parking maneuver, passing a vehicle turning left, and buses entering or leaving the bicycle lane to pick up or discharge passengers.

(Ord. No. 4384, § 2, 4-15-2013 )