Law Enforcement Education

Megan's talk to Colorado LEOs covers Colorado statutes applicable to cycling and motorist/cyclist interactions.  She also weaves in the local municipality's ordinances (where applicable) and uses her own cases as powerful examples of how citations unfold in traffic court or at trial.  

Megan's ability to answer specific questions that the officers have and to address their concerns and frustrations, results in learning, understanding, and therefore, progress (the ultimate goal!).  She presents a very unbiased, neutral talk and enjoys working alongside LEOs to make our streets safer for cyclists and motorists alike.  

Megan ensures her availability morning, noon or night, in order to accommodate each of the department's working shifts/training sessions.  

Megan shown above, accepting an award from Roy Denley and  Colorado Police Unity Tour  riders, during a Boulder Sheriff's Office briefing.  (Photo credit: Andrew Tillin).

Megan shown above, accepting an award from Roy Denley and Colorado Police Unity Tour riders, during a Boulder Sheriff's Office briefing.  (Photo credit: Andrew Tillin).

In April of 2014 I attended Megan’s bicycle class as update training approved through my Police Department. I walked out of her class struggling to recall the last time I attended a class as informative as hers that I could immediately apply to both my personal life and professional life. Megan delivers her presentation to motorists, cyclists and police officers with equally impressive professionalism and respect.

Megan has a passion for educating the public on bicycle laws and safety and goes out of her way to ensure fair and equal treatment for both cyclists and motorists. After I took Megan’s class, I asked Megan, who kindly agreed, if she would give her presentation at 4 Golden PD’s briefing. Chief Kilpatrick attended one of the briefing trainings and was so impressed he demanded our training coordinator have her teach at our month long in-service so every officer received her training. As a result our department, as a whole, has become much more knowledgeable and prepared to properly handle traffic violations and traffic accidents involving cyclists. If you have the opportunity to attend her training or bring Megan into your organization I would highly recommend you do so. She has made a world of difference for the Golden Police department and the citizens of Golden.
— Officer Dan Hyde, Motor Officer Golden Police Dept.

I would highly recommend Megan’s bicycle class for training at your office. Megan is a dynamic speaker presenting an excellent and professional bicycle presentation, which can be adapted for local conditions and ordinances. I first saw Megan’s presentation at the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office last summer. I was so impressed, that it was a no brainer for me to try to convince Megan to present at Longmont PD. Megan is so passionate about this topic that she volunteered to step away from her practice and teach all 8 of our In-service trainings in one week. Four are held for Watches 1 & 2 midafternoon, and four are held for Watch 3 during late evening hours Mondays -Thursdays. Quite a commitment!

Megan’s presentation is unbiased and middle of the road. She does not favor bicycles vs. motor vehicles. It is NOT a pro bicycle presentation. She covers bicycle laws from both perspectives. I heard only good comments from the officers who attended. In-service training is mandatory for all Uniformed Officers. After the first few classes, word got out and we had pretty much the entire department (150) attend.
— M.B., Traffic Sergeant, Longmont Dept of Public Safety

Megan has presented to the following LEO offices and organizations:

-Longmont PD (week-long in-service trainings)

-Boulder PD and Boulder County Sheriff

-Larimer County Sheriff, Ft Collins PD and CSU Campus Police

-Golden PD and School of Mines Campus Police

-Portions of Jeffco Sheriffs in conjunction with IPMBA training

-Arvada PD traffic units 

-Clear Creek Sheriffs/ Idaho Springs PD 

*We are also involved with the Colorado Police Unity Tour riders as a sponsor and supporter!