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10/4/20: COS Bike adventure blog post HERE

9/23/20: Bike To Work Day/ Bike to Wherever Week — info on tax commuter benefit… link HERE.

9/16/20: Interview with the Settlement Nation Podcast, listen in HERE.

9/8/20: Interview with the Bike Ride Podcast talking about the thread of bikes in my life. Listen HERE.

9/3/20: 9News Sentencing coverage of the Chuck Vogel case- click HERE

8/26/20: Sentencing hearing login information for Friday 8/28/20 sentencing hearing :

Please see attached link and information for the web link option. meeting code 923-417-896

· Audio only 720-650-7664 meeting code 923 417 896.

 *if you have any issues with the link please contact Jenni Schaffer at

8/11/20: Bicycling Magazine: How to Avoid Drivers With Road Rage — click HERE

8/5/20: GoFarm Harvest Dinner — click HERE

8/5/20: DA offices are not using the new VRU law — click HERE

7/28/20: Golden US 6 & Heritage Interchange Design meeting and planning — click HERE

7/27/20: WSJ, Mental Resilience Can Help You Through the Coronavirus Pandemic — click HERE

7/4/20: Bicycle Industry Employers Assoc (BIEA) — click HERE

6/26/20: Bicycle Magazine, It’s Time to Support These Cycling Orgs Pushing for More Racial Diversity — click HERE