Safe, Skillful, and Legal Cycling: Empowering Cyclists Through Education 

Learn what the laws are for cyclists; how you legally and appropriately ride on public roads; what the rules are for turning, stopping, passing; your rights and obligations; and much more.

Designed for workplace and advocacy groups, cycling teams and organizations, bike shops, and more, these seminars are suitable for: 

  • cyclists of all levels, who want to learn more about the laws applicable to cyclists, motorists and shared road use

  • new/inexperienced cyclists, who want to learn the actual “HOW TOs” of riding on public roads, so they can confidently and safely commute to work or simply expand their riding options by moving away from bike paths to ride more frequently on roads

  • cyclists of all levels who wish to lead by example, who want to demonstrate a command of the laws and conduct of a safe rider, and who will advocate to other cyclists and motorists in a positive, educational, and amicable manner

  • bike shop employees and others who work in the cycling industry - so they can inform and educate their customers on the laws and standards applicable to cyclists.

What You Can Expect:

Megan teaches the laws and municipal codes, uses case examples and photos to show you how to ride safely, skillfully, and legally.  She also raises current issues and concerns like riding with cameras, reporting close calls, what kinds of insurance coverages cyclists should carry, and more. 

You will leave feeling more informed, and more secure in your rights and obligations as a cyclist.

The session lasts 60-90 minutes depending on Q&A.

What We Need From You:

We require a minimum of 15 people confirmed in order for the session to take place, to ensure it’s a good use of everyone’s time and energy. The bigger the group, the better, as questions one person asks are often on the minds of many attendees!

Our technical set-up requirements are: a screen with Internet capabilities to access a presentation online or access to a computer system e.g. laptop to plug in a thumb drive. Please inform us if these options are not available so that we can discuss alternatives.

There is no charge for the cycling education talk. However, please consider donating to PeopleForBikes. Your donation will go toward building more safe and convenient places to ride, transforming America through bicycling.


*ModMarket Racing Team

*Outdoor Divas women's cycling team/club  

*OZ Architecture 

*Paladina Health


*Peak Cycles 

*Primal-Audi Cycling team

*PEDAL cycling team and bike shop

*Prestige Audi Devo team

*SoCo Velo

*WhiteWave Foods  

Some of the groups we've talked to include:  

*Breckenridge/Frisco Community Center employees and patrons

*Boulder District Attorney's Office

*City of Golden Community Presentation

*COBRAS cycling team

*Colorado Department of Labor & Employment

*Colorado District Attorneys' Council (webinar) 


*Department of Interior, Denver Federal Center

*Full Cycle Bike shop

*Lakewood City Council and community + Lakewood Citizen Group and Police    

Megan’s presentation was informative and engaging for new and experienced cyclists and commuters. The knowledge she brought was a fantastic complement to our efforts to create a culture of sustainability and community engagement through cycling!
— Julia Richards, LEED Green Associate Sustainability Coordinator, DaVita