Bike Ambassadors

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The members of our 2020 Bike Ambassador team are passionate about racing, riding, and commuting - to work, school, to the store, or generally to run errands --and they want to help other men and women learn how and where to start. What bike to buy? What to wear? What route to take? How to shower or get ready for work once you arrive? How to get home? Where to store your bike or how to properly lock it? How to change flat tires and perform basic bike maintenance?  Follow along with our team and we'll teach you!

Our goal is to SPREAD THE BIKE GOSPEL by sharing our lessons and adventures in racing and commuting, in the hopes that we get other women riding and commuting... and driving less!  #RIDEMOREDRIVELESS is our mantra -and we hope to make it yours, too.  (You can also find us using #BIKEAMBASSADORS!) 

49% of trips in the United States are three miles or less; 39% are two miles or less and 24% are less than one mile — all distances easily covered by bike. We vow to leave the cars at home more often!

Our Amazing 2020 Bike Ambassadors:

  • Erin Entlich: Co-Captain

  • Megan Hottman: Co-Captain

  • Ben Boncella: race liaison

  • Thomas Stott: advocacy liaison

  • Gerry Stephenson

  • Jennifer Lorenz

  • Cheryl Gaiser

  • Jessica Bomberry

  • Melanie Levin

  • Melissa Colonno

  • Marieke Dechensne

  • Kris Bucholz

Proud to represent: